This diagnostic tool has been specifically engineered to assist with the assessment and diagnosis of foot biomechanics.

The TOG GaitScan system measures the distribution of force throughout the foot during each step, identifying high-pressure areas and gait abnormalities. Our system is equipped with enough sensors and speed to accurately graph pressures exerted on the foot during the gait cycle during both walking and running.

TOG are custom made insoles, as individual as a pair of glasses, and are prescribed and specifically built to meet the individual biomechanical and lifestyle needs of each patient.

Sally Ann Clarke of l’Ecrivain fame joined boxing sensation Katy Taylor, rugby star Eric Miller, socialite and journalist Amanda Brunker in explaining the benefit their custom made TOG have made to their daily lives. Also on hand extolling the virtues of Orthotic technology were GAA stars Barry Cahill and Gerry Quinn, adventurer and mountaineer Hannah Sheilds (climbed Mt Everest 2007) and Camogie All Star Aoife Cullen.

“We spend so much of our time on our feet; walking, running, working or playing sports and the number of people who suffer ill effects from the stress and strain put on their feet is quite staggering. In fact, the majority of lower limb ailments are caused by what we call faulty foot function. TOG International uses the revolutionary TOG GaitScan technology to scan an individual’s foot and prescribe a preventative treatment in the form of custom made orthotics. The technology therefore looks beyond just treating symptoms but ascertains the root cause of the problem.”

Katy Taylor, European Boxing Champion and Irish Ladies Soccer International, spoke of the help her TOG orthotics are to her sporting activities: “Obviously both boxing and soccer rely heavily on balance and strength all of which emanates from my feet. Since I was fitted with my insoles I find the strain on my back, thighs and calves has been reduced ten fold which is a major bonus.”

The technology is acclaimed by top level US sports stars and local sporting greats such as DJ Carey and at the top level of sport the advantage of wearing Orthotics can not be underestimated


A person walks an average 12,000 steps per day (or 4 miles)

A person will walk 4 times around the earth circumference in a lifetime

A person places 500,000 kilos of pressure on their feet in a lifetime

83% of Irish Population will suffer from an acute episode of foot or foot related pain, the majority of which are curable and even preventable with proper prescription Orthotics

Each custom made pair of Orthotics has a lifetime guarantee against breakage and the benefits include elimination of foot and ankle, lower limb, back and joint pain; in addition to reducing the chances of future pathology.